About Us

Cosnatural is a family-run business based in East Sussex, UK. The main idea behind our online store is to bring you the safest cosmetic products available on the market from all over the world. Here at Cosnatural we are passionate about cosmetics and we feel that beauty products should be effective without compromise on their safety. Therefore we select products which are free from parabens, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), synthetic colorants and fragrances. We also only stock products that are not tested on animals and are cruelty free. Additionally we have a wide range of products that are 100% certified vegan.  

We understand how important healthy looking, glowing skin is for everyone’s self esteem and we aim to find and choose the products that offer effective solutions to the various skin concerns and fit to our strict criteria regarding their ingredients and production methods.

Why Natural Cosmetics

Nowadays our lives are surrounded by different chemicals. We inhale them, eat and drink them and they even penetrate through our skin.  There is an entire array of nasty substances that we might not even realise are there are making their way into our bodies.

Though many of us are very concerned with what kind of food we consume, not all people are giving sufficient thought to what kind of products they put on their skin.

Firstly, some of the ingredients used in most mainstream cosmetic brands can act as irritants to the skin, causing break outs, dry skin patches and redness. They can also aggravate such conditions as acne, eczema and rosacea. The switch towards more natural and organic skin care products can provide significant improvements to the skin condition and in some cases may even clear the skin completely.

Additionally, our skin is the largest organ in our body which is not simply playing the role of a protective shield but is highly integrated with the rest of our bodies’ systems. Significant parts of what you put on your skin will most likely end up inside your body. Therefore it is crucial to carefully check the ingredients of cosmetic products before purchase. The worst offenders are parabens, mineral oils, SLSs, artificial colourings and fragrances. However, there are some chemicals necessary in order to preserve the products and make them safe to use.

Important Note: Many people can be allergic to essential oils which are widely used in natural beauty products. To avoid disappointment and potential skin problems, please study the ingredients list carefully and do a patch test* of the product before using it.

*To carry out a patch test place a small amount of the product on the inside elbow or behind the ears for 48-72 hours. If irritation, itching, swelling or redness occurs do not use the product.