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Antipodes was one of the first natural skincare brands that we got at but we still feel as passionate as ever about their amazing products. Antipodes products come all the way from New Zealand and harness the power of high potency botanical ingredients. The brand leverages the latest technologies in the cosmetics industry to bring the most out of the plant extracts and oils. So your skin can fully enjoy all the benefits that these ingredients can give! Antipodes skincare uses the power of many beautiful fruits and plants, but there are four ingredients that we feel require a special spotlight! These would be the all mighty Avocado Oil, Vinanza Grape extract, Manuka Honey and Kiwi Seed Oil.

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Natura Siberica Oblepikha collection of natural haircare and bodycare products have always been one of our customers’ favourites. Our CosNatural team cannot resist their products either and who can blame us for that!

In case you are not familiar with the name, Natura Siberica is a Russian brand of natural and organic personal care products. The brand’s philosophy is to use high potency wild plants, herbs and berries found in the forests across Siberia and the Russian Far East. Their products feature such unique ingredients as Snow Cladonia, Siberian Fir tree oil, Rhodiola Rosea, Dwarf Siberian Pine extract and many more.


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Alba Botanica Acnedote products always hit our best-sellers list and are strong favourites among our customers. So we think a dedicated blog post to tell all the benefits of Acnedote products is well overdue.

Blemishes and acne aren’t fun to deal with and so many of us have got these at some point in our life. There are many reasons for the skin to inflame this way starting from hormone imbalances and poor diet to environmental factors and ill-suited skincare routine.

While it is always best to consult a dermatologist if you have severe acne, there are some topical products that can help in the meantime. If your skin suffers from mild acne and occasional blemishes, then tailoring an effective skincare routine can make a big difference. 

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Here at CosNatural we always feel fascinated by all Korean skincare beauty trends and let us tell you that there are lots of them to keep up with. So we thought we should give an overview of at least one of them on our blog. The trend is called “7 skin method” and it’s all about the art of layering an essence toner. In Korean, the word “skin” also means toner so this trend is basically the same as “7 layers of toner method”. And not many things can get us more excited than layering our favourite skincare products to achieve dewy and plump complexion.


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Dafna’s Personal Skincare is now available at CosNatural and we are so excited to share the love for Dafna’s products with all our customers! Choosing a sustainable skincare brand is not an easy job nowadays. As an ethical business we feel that we should always strive to bring on board brands that really stand out from the crowd and we are very confident that Dafna’s is a perfect match! From the deliciously looking Revival Bio-Active Mask, luxurious Recovery Cleanser or ultra light yet extremely nourishing Moisture+ Light, Dafna’s skincare offers something truly special for any skin.


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