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The popularity of Korean skincare has been on the rise for quite some time now and the term K-beauty became somewhat a must-know for all dedicated skincare junkies. There are many Korean beauty brands available on the market and we are so thrilled to introduce one of them that matches our own commitment to natural and organic beauty. Say hello to one of CosNatural’s latest additions - Whamisa skincare, a brand that combines the best of Korean beauty traditions and 100% natural, pure ingredients! The Whamisa collection consists of a number of highly effective, clever products to help address skin concerns like dehydration, fine lines and clogged pores. What makes Whamisa stand out from other brands is a unique, signature fermentation process as the core of their product manufacturing.

One of the key and much debated questions in the natural beauty industry is how to make products safe while preserving the beneficial properties of ingredients. Unfortunately not all brands can claim to have an answer for this question.

Whamisa effectively addresses the issue by using fermented plant extracts in its formulations.

Fermentation has been used to preserve food for centuries and now the latest research shows that fermented foods are extremely good for our digestive system too. Similar logic applies to Whamisa skincare, the use of fermented plant ingredients making products more stable and increasing their shelf life. In addition, it improves skin penetration and absorption of natural ingredients, thus boosting the effectiveness of products.

Key plant ingredients in Whamisa skincare:

Aloe extract - heals and restores skin, while nourishing all skin layers, not just outer layer. Rich in vitamins A, B ,B12, C, E and amino acids.

Dandelion extract - hydrates and conditions, building a healthy skin barrier. Great for sensitive skin and rich in vitamins, saponin and potassium.

Chrysanthemum extract - slows down the aging process, soothes skin and improves its elasticity. Rich in vitamins A, B1, B9, as well as potassium, copper and iron.

Lotus flower extract - hydrates, improves elasticity and softens skin. It is especially beneficial for oily and combination skin types as it helps to balance excess sebum production. Rich in vitamins C, B complex and protein.

In addition, all Whamisa products are created without the use of purified water, to avoid the spread of bacteria. Instead, plant liquids are extracted at low temperatures to preserve their beneficial properties and used in product formulations to boost their effectiveness.

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Last update: Jan 29, 2017


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