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Natura Siberica Oblepikha collection of natural haircare and bodycare products have always been one of our customers’ favourites. Our CosNatural team cannot resist their products either and who can blame us for that!

In case you are not familiar with the name, Natura Siberica is a Russian brand of natural and organic personal care products. The brand’s philosophy is to use high potency wild plants, herbs and berries found in the forests across Siberia and the Russian Far East. Their products feature such unique ingredients as Snow Cladonia, Siberian Fir tree oil, Rhodiola Rosea, Dwarf Siberian Pine extract and many more.

The star ingredient in the Natura Siberica Oblepikha range is sea buckthorn from the Altai region in Siberia. In fact, exotic sounding “oblepikha” is what one calls sea buckthorn in Russian. The official name of the plant is Hippophae Rhaimnoides. 

Sea buckthorn is a shrub plant with bright yellow/orange berries that can be found across Northern Europe, Russia and some parts of Asia. The plant has always been a popular ingredient in herbal remedies as well as skincare and haircare products. It has a very citrusy scent that we absolutely love, (as a side note) sea buckthorn berries have got quite a sour taste! 

Natura Siberica uses both oblepikha berries oil and water in their products. These ingredients help to nourish and repair skin and hair as well as add the most uplifting scent. Sea buckthorn oil is rich in vitamins C, E and B group vitamins that all work together to restore skin and hair structure, moisturise and protect both skin and hair from further damage. One of the most unique properties of vitamin C in sea buckthorn berries is that it doesn’t get destroyed by high temperatures as is often the case with other fruits. However, Natura Siberica still uses cold-pressed oil to get even more vitamin C in their products!

Here is our top three Natura Siberica Oblepikha for everyone to try:

  1. Natura Siberica Oblepikha Scalp Scrub

This one is a really unique product to try. How many people out there actually have ever used a scalp scrub? While it doesn’t sound like a usual product to include in your hair care routine, it makes a HUGE difference to the hair and scalp health (hence number one spot)! Siberian pine shell and raspberry seed powders do the scrubbing work here. You also have sea buckthorn and argan oils that help to nourish and moisturise scalp and hair. The scrub provides three actions: it helps to purify the scalp and remove built up. This scrub lathers really well adding additional power to the shampooing routine. It also helps with preventing itchy scalp and dandruff as well as promoting healthy sebum production. Oblepikha Scalp Scrub removes dead skin cells and nourishes skin, leaving your scalp much healthier and happier. We also have a feeling that it helps with hair loss and makes our hair growth faster. This is not something Natura Siberica, but it’s more our own experience.

  1. Natura Siberica Oblepikha Deep Repair Mask For Severely Damaged Hair

This is a seriously powerful product when it comes to hair repair. This mask provides a visible boost to even very damaged and overtreated hair. Oblepikha Deep Repair Mask is enriched with sea buckthorn, argan and pine nut oils that repair hair and seal moisture within the hair shafts. While Keratin creates a protective layer on the hair surface, preventing further damage. This mask gives immediate visible results and makes hair super shiny, smooth and manageable.

  1.  Natura Siberica Oblepikha Shower Gel Energizing Freshness

We could have easily given a 3rd spot to any other product from the Oblepikha collection. But this shower gel deserves a special shoutout if only for its amazing scent! It’s an ultimate treat to complement any morning routine. This is such a pleasant product to use and it has the most invigorating scent. We all deserve a bit of unconditional happiness that this shower gel can add to any morning!

So this is our quick overview of the Natura Siberica Oblepikha collection. We hope you will discover the power of sea buckthorn for yourself while trying out these products. Have you tried anything from the Oblepikha range before? If not, you can find them on our Natura Siberica brand page.

Last update: Jan 02, 2021


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