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Cold winter months are a challenging period for our skin and hair. Thanks to the below zero temperatures and chilling winds many of us are left with dry skin patches, cracked lips and frizzy hair. During this period skin does not produce enough oil and while people with oily skin types can breathe a sigh of relief, the owners of normal to dry skin might need to take extra special care to look after their skin and hair.

The main area of concern is undoubtedly the facial skin. Unfortunately we cannot really cover over face with layers of warm clothing and facial skin suffers the most from frost bite and cold winds. Luckily there are a number of really effective nourishing products to treat dry skin.

Let’s start with the cleansing step. Choose mild and non-foaming oil-based cleansers. We love Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser. Also don’t go over the board with exfoliation, as most of the scrubs and exfoliators dry skin out.  While in summer you can get away with good cleanser and moisturiser, in winter it is advisable to extend your routine to applying toner and face oil or serum. Toners are really important to give a little bit of extra treatment to your skin. They prepare skin to absorb the moisturiser better while improving skin tone and texture. For extra protection and nourishment we recommend  an award-winning A’kin Orange Blossom and Chamomile Refreshing and Soothing Toner.

Now to choosing your moisturiser. If your skin is really dry, apply some oil or serum after toner and follow with your main moisturiser. Oils are especially effective for dry skin as thanks to their molecular structure they are absorbed much easier by skin than creamy products. You can simply apply some Indie Lee Squalane Oil directly to dry patches or all over the face. If you are not that much into oils use oil-free Antipodes Hosanna Intense Hydrating Serum.
The last and probably the most important part is to choose a suitable moisturiser. For normal skin types our favourites are Evolve Organic Beauty Daily Renew Facial Cream and Laidbare Working 9 to 5 Deep Hydration Cream. For dry skin types Madara Deep Moisture Cream work really well.
Remember to put some Epic Blend More Moisture Green Apple Lip Balm on your lips before you head outside and keep close Lavera Basis Sensitive Hand Cream for no-gloves moments.

Also, don’t forget to help your skin from inside as well. Eat plenty of foods packed with healthy fats such as fish, avocado, flax seeds and nuts. And keep warm, beautiful and happy this winter!

Last update: Jan 29, 2017


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