K-beauty 7 Skin Method - All You Need to Know!

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Here at CosNatural we always feel fascinated by all Korean skincare beauty trends and let us tell you that there are lots of them to keep up with. So we thought we should give an overview of at least one of them on our blog. The trend is called “7 skin method” and it’s all about the art of layering an essence toner.

In Korean, the word “skin” also means toner so this trend is basically the same as “7 layers of toner method”. And not many things can get us more excited than layering our favourite skincare products to achieve dewy and plump complexion.

There is no doubt that Korean essence toners are very popular, at the end of the day Whamisa Organic Flowers Deep Rich Toner is one of our best-selling products and we cannot blame our customers for loving it! So while essence toner is already great for skin, let’s break down how the 7 skin method makes it even more effective. Many beauty gurus and fans of K-beauty have been raving about this trend for at least a couple of years now. The main benefit of increasing the number of toner applications is significantly improved hydration level of skin as well as a healthy glow boost and smoother skin texture.

But first things first, what is essence toner and why use it in 7 skin method?

Nowadays there is so much choice when it comes to toners and there could be a blog post just about different types of toners.

In summary there are three main types of toners:

  • Mist toners: light water-based sprays to refresh and rebalance skin

  • Treatment toners: usually contain alcohol or some sort of acid and can be used to clarify, balance and even provide some exfoliation

  • Essence toners (or first essence): rich toners that are more serum like in texture and help to boost hydration level as well as regenerate skin

So when it comes to 7 skin method, you want to go for alcohol free essence toner as it offers numerous skin benefits even with a single layer applied. You can try either Whamisa Organic Flowers Deep Rich Toner or Whamisa Organic Flowers Toner Original.

Both of these products are first essence toners that are very gentle, super nourishing and are packed with skin benefiting fermented plant extracts. Go for Deep Rich toner if your skin tends to be quite dry or Original toner for normal to combination skin type. If your skin tends to be oily, then patting a single or double layer of Original toner might be more than enough for your skin.

Now you’ve got the toner - let’s start toner layering!

7 skin method is super simple to follow, but it can add a bit of time to your skincare routine and requires some effort to get used to. Start with cleansing your face and gently patting skin dry with a towel. Then get straight into toner layering! Put a small amount of essence toner on the cotton pad (just enough for a thing layer) and wipe the whole face. Start tapping the skin gently with your fingers until toner is nearly absorbed. Repeat it for 6 more layers. The main idea behind this technique is that this way you help to lock in moisture in skin as well as to promote better absorption of the product. Also tapping the product with your fingers help to regenerate skin because of increased blood circulation.

If you are short on time or want to make the product last longer stick with 3 layers to start with and experiment with what works best for you. You might find that doing even a couple of layers makes a huge difference to how hydrated your skin feels!

7 skin method is suitable for both morning and evening routine. What you apply at the end solely depends on the individual skin needs. For some going straight to make up or spf after “tonering” will be more than enough, while others might reach out for for rich cream or facial oil for very dry skin type. For night time routine, we highly recommend to finish the 7 skin method with high potency serum to boost the hydration and skin regeneration process. Whatever way works best for you, we are pretty sure that you will enjoy layering essence toner in your routine and will see an immediate difference in how your skin feels and looks!

Last update: Apr 23, 2019

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