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Britta Aragon, safe cosmetics expert, author and entrepreneur, developed CV Skinlabs, a luxurious and innovative line of skin care products that sets a new standard for safety in the beauty industry. The collection features soothing and highly effective formulas that repair skin while restoring radiance and luminosity to dull and sensitive skin. Each solution delivers outstanding beauty benefits and proven results, with ingredients chosen for the utmost efficacy and safety, every step of the way. The carefully formulated range of products can be used with peace of mind by all - particularly those with sensitive skin, chemical sensitivities or conditions such as eczema and chronic dryness, to name a few.

Britta discovered her passion for promoting safe self-care through her experience as a caregiver during her father’s eight-year battle with cancer. A survivor of Hodgkin’s disease herself, she understands first-hand the devastating effects of cancer. When she tried products specifically targeted for “sensitive skin,” they were often laden with potentially harmful chemicals that actually irritated her father’s fragile skin. She became acutely aware of how devastating the side effects from drugs and medical treatments could be. Inspired and determined to help others, she founded Cinco Vidas in 2008, and dedicated her work to her father’s legacy.

Britta’s first project, the Cinco Vidas blog, was created for those suffering from the side effects of cancer treatment and from conditions like chronic dryness and eczema. It has since evolved into a robust information source and interactive community attracting more than 30,000 visitors per month. In September 2011, Britta published her first book, When Cancer Hits, a guide for the newly diagnosed. Inundated with queries for product recommendations and safer solutions, she decided who better than she - a former makeup artist and skincare therapist - to develop a line of safer products addressing sensitive skin? She assembled an expert team of leading dermatologists, toxicologists and holistic skincare chemists and developed CV Skinlabs, a safe, non-toxic range of products to repair and revive sensitive and fragile skin without harmful chemicals.


CV Skinlabs is a natural and organic collection of luxuriously soothing and clinically proven formulas that nurture and repair skin. Each product delivers outstanding beauty benefits and proven results, with an unprecedented, new standard of safety, every step of the way.

The range of carefully formulated products can be used with peace of mind by all - particularly by those with sensitive or compromised skin, chemical sensitivities, or conditions such as eczema and chronic dryness, to name a few.

+ CV Skinlabs helps restore skin to its healthy, radiant best, with renewed softness, suppleness and a youthful glow.

+ CV Skinlabs insists on the utmost in safety, by toxicologically examining and screening all ingredients for any link to irritation, cancer or hormone disruption, and by conducting results-driven, rigorous clinical testing.

+ CV Skinlabs adheres to strict formula safety guidelines and standards, making sure not to use any ingredients from an extensive list of potentially harmful thickeners, preservatives and aesthetic enhancers, often found in conventional skin care products.


CV Skinlabs was created by safe cosmetic expert and author, Britta Aragon, who after failing to find safe, nourishing skin care products to soothe her own and her father’s troubled skin during cancer treatments, developed a skincare line for anyone seeking safe solutions to repair and restore radiance and luminosity to sensitive skin.

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